Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know Referit

What is Referit?

Referit is a user-friendly marketing platform, that utilises the referrals of current clients to grow your business. Through its innovative lead generation technology, every successful referral a client makes rewards them for their time and effort, and through their trusted referrals attracts new clients to your business.

How can Referit help my business?

By using Referit, a referral system has never been easier. Through word of mouth by pre-existing customers, trusted unbiased referrals give your business the opportunity to grow.

Referit can help your business in multiple ways such as:

  • Been lead generation technology, nothing like Referit exists, allowing you early access to a new way of growing your business through a referral system.
  • Referit can expand your client base purely through the trusted word of current clients and their unbiased reviews on how your business is their first choice.
  • Through just the click of a button, sending referrals is a short and easy process for clients in which the success rewards them for their time.
  • What is measured can be managed. Through Referit, managing referrals is a hassle-free process that is easy to keep track of.

What do I need to create a Referit account for my business?

Is there a subscription fee?

Depending on whether you use Referit as an individual or a business determines the type of access you have.

A private user does not pay any subscription fee and is free to join and use the app at any time. An individual user can make any referral they choose and has full access to the rewards store where they can spend their tokens for successful referrals on rewards setup by a business or donate these tokens to a charity selected by that business.

As a business user, there is a monthly fee of $87AUD. This allows your business to be referred by clients, set up a rewards store or charity of your choosing, and allows you the ability to contact new clients made through a referral. *Please note a valid debit/credit card is required to pay your subscription.

What do I need to launch a referral campaign?

By downloading the app on any device of your choosing, you can either setup as a business account or individual. Referit is also available on the webapp.

Setup a reward store with your selection of rewards which a client can purchase in-app using tokens they claim after a successful referral. The better the reward the more invested a client will be in referring your business new clients. Or set up an instore charity where clients can donate their tokens, as a business you can select the value of tokens.

Is Referit free for my clients?

Yes, both pre-existing clients and new clients pay no charge to use Referit, unless they themselves have registered as a business.

Get customers excited with exceptional incentives

What type of customer rewards can I use?

Easily reward your clients with monetary rewards or tokens for every successful referral your business receives. As a business owner you can choose the incentives you wish to reward your clients with for their customer loyalty.

How do I fulfil customer rewards?

Your customers will need to create their free account on Referit, then refer your business to a friend, family member, or someone who interested in the service your business provides. After the referral is sent and the clients accepts, once the referral is complete the referee will be rewarded their tokens automatically. It is up to them how they spend these tokens.

Once a client is ready to renew their tokens in your rewards store, a notification will be sent to you (business owner) and it is then accepted and the client is rewarded for their service.

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